About Us


OPEC Energy, a privately owned Australian environmental engineering company, brings over 30 years of industry experience in comprehensive Fuel System Management.

Our skilled team of fuel system technicians boasts extensive expertise in both Underground and Above Ground Petroleum Storage Systems, covering all aspects of fuel handling. We offer a holistic service designed to maintain your fuel and fuel storage/supply systems at optimal levels. Working closely with your business, we tailor integrated industrial solutions that prioritise safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Moreover, our team provides targeted training sessions for specific systems and offers strategic site plans that enhance layout and functionality. Routine inspections, vigilant fuel management, and meticulous site upkeep remain integral components of our service package.

Beyond this, OPEC Energy offers support for various operational needs. This includes providing capable fuel facility operations and maintenance staff, enhancing site security and access control, managing emergencies, overseeing inventory, and implementing advanced leak detection mechanisms. We’re dedicated to ensuring the smooth, secure, and reliable functioning of your fuel infrastructure.


We specialise in:

Fuel System Assessment and Testing
Fuel System Repairs and Maintenance
Fuel System Design and Installation
Fuel System Removal and Remediation

If you would like to contact us at energy@opecsystems.com one of our experts would be delighted to assist you in your bulk fuel infrastructure or site remediation needs.

Our Accreditations

Our comprehensive procedures and quality management systems have resulted in our company achieving ISO 45001:2018 Accreditation (Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems), ISO9001:2015 accreditation (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001:2015 accreditation (Environmental Management Systems).

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