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Explore our collection of case studies showcasing our proven expertise and reliability as a trusted supplier. With years of experience in diverse industries, we take pride in delivering exceptional fuel system solutions that address unique challenges. Our track record of successful projects demonstrates our commitment to excellence, making us the go-to partner for dependable services.


Satellite dish with blue skies and clouds behind

Fast Facts:

Location: Canberra 
Key Responsibilities: Maintenance and reactive repairs


OPEC has been engaged by CDSCC for the past five years to complete critical maintenance for their backup generation system. Maintenance includes EITs, dispensing equipment service, inspection, and function testing of the diesel delivery system responsible for powering their generators.


In 2020 OPEC was contacted for a critical breakdown. Within moments, staff were reviewing system P&IDs and developing the repair plan. OPEC staff mobilised to site and began critical repairs and system modifications right away. Those repairs are still in operation today.


Aerial picture of the Sydney airport showing the runways and departure facilities

Fast Facts:

Client: Air Ambulance 
Location: Mascot airport 
Key Responsibilities: Critical repairs


Air Ambulance enlisted the services of OPEC for their annual Equipment Integrity Testing (EIT) works on an underground aviation tank. While conducting tests, a problem was discovered on the tank’s surface. As a precautionary measure, the UPSS system was properly secured, and plans for repairs were set in motion.


OPEC technicians revisited the crucial infrastructure to carry out various tasks including: draining the tank, gas freeing, conducting necessary repairs on the tank, performing EIT, and commissioning.


Elevated walkway with a yellow hand rail looking over industrial fuel tanks

Fast Facts:

Client: Ventia
Location: Greater Victoria
Key Responsibilities: Fuel system maintenance, repairs and inspections


For over 10 years, OPEC has been engaged to support the Department of Defence in maintaining and supporting Defence Fuel Infrastructure across the state. OPEC works closely with the Prime contractor to service, repair and maintain assets to minimise downtime and ensure equipment is in good working order. From diesel to aviation turbine fuel, our clients rely on us to provide guidance and services to all branches of the Defence Force.


Industrial tank being lowered by a crane into an excavation pit on an active construction site


Client: Womby
Location: Elmore, Victoria 
Key Responsibilities: Environmental testing and contamination assessments, decommissioning, removal and reinstatement of tank farm


When one of our clients approached us to assist with the realisation of their retirement dream, OPEC was able to offer a compliant and cost-effective solution for the removal of five underground storage tanks. Over a week, OPEC technicians drained tanks and lines, gas freeing the tanks prior to extraction and transport for off-site destruction.


Our comprehensive procedures and quality management systems have resulted in our company achieving ISO 45001:2018 Accreditation (Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems), ISO9001:2015 accreditation (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001:2015 accreditation (Environmental Management Systems).

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