Fuel System Integrity Testing

Determine the Integrity of Your Fuel System

Fuel system integrity testing needs to occur regularly in order to monitor the systems integrity and demonstrate due diligence in avoiding soil and groundwater contamination. 

What Lies Beneath: Ensuring your Fuel Tank’s Integrity Below the Surface

Prevent environmental contamination and costly fines resulting from a leaking fuel system. Whether you have an above ground or underground fuel system, early detection is paramount in preventing escalation. OPEC’s experts offer proactive leak detection services encompassing tank, pipe, and valve testing. This guarantees compliance and safeguards the integrity of your fuel system.

OPECs technicians employ the EZY 3 Plus system for tank and line testing, a precision technology boasting a range of features, including:

  • A distinctive blend of acoustic signature assessment and highly accurate isobaric measurement.

  • Operates flawlessly, impervious to variables like temperature shifts, tank dimension changes, end deflection, or trapped vapour pockets—distinguishing it from alternative volumetric and mass measurement technologies.

  • Detects air intrusion in the liquid, air intrusion in the ullage, and instances of water or product trickling into the tank.

  • Facilitates testing at virtually any liquid level, allowing determination of an entire tank system’s integrity through a single test.

  • While manifolded tanks are jointly tested, the technology can pinpoint the specific tank encountering issues.

  • No limitation on total capacity of manifolded tanks.

  • Offers portability, enabling confined space testing of tanks.

  • Ready application for integrity testing of pipe systems or any vessel that is required to be ‘tight’.

  • Capability to conduct on-site testing within half a day.

  • Generates certificates of integrity post-testing.

For inquiries about our leak detection methods, testing procedures, or your fuel system needs, reach out to us at energy@opecsystems.com

Your fuel system’s reliability is our priority.

Pipework Integrity Testing

Industrial pipework, pumps, valves and gauges utilised in a fuel system

A frequent cause of tank failure is the deterioration and failure of the supply and return lines running to and from the bulk underground petroleum storage system (UPSS). OPEC Energy offers a rapid and accurate technique for vacuum testing lines to determine line integrity.

  • We offer a highly accurate testing solution allowing us to determine the size and approximate location of the failure.
  • Reduces excavation requirements, and associated time and cost.

Does your fuel system need integrity testing?

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