Fuel System Removal

Decommission Your Existing Fuel System

OPEC Energy is here to streamline the decommissioning of your fuel system. We offer support for in-situ, aboveground and underground storage tanks, and take care of every aspect including removal, certification, gas freeing, and responsible disposal of waste soils and liquids.

Fuel System Removal the OPEC Way

OPEC Systems’ Energy Division is an experienced provider of decommissioning of fuel systems in accordance with AS4976 in a wide range of market sectors.

Our experienced team of Project Managers, Quality, Safety & Environment (QSE) Managers, Environmental Scientists, and Fuel Technicians has successfully delivered numerous decommissioning projects for clients Australia-wide.

Disused, damaged and abandoned fuel systems are a potential environmental liability for site owners, facilities managers and tenants.

Our fuel system decommissioning services encompass pipeline chasing and capping, explosive atmosphere testing, careful handling of tetraethyl lead residue and rigorous environmental validation.


We update the environmental management register, handle development applications, and fulfill the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority and other regulatory agencies.


Our Decommissioning Service

Our experience ensures we provide a comprehensive and flexible decommissioning service with minimum disruption to sites and facilities. All decommissioned tanks are disposed of in accordance with all legislative requirements and a certificate of disposal is issued with every project.

Our service includes:

  • Onsite bulk tank demolition
  • Aboveground and underground tank removal, disposal and certification
  • Gas freeing
  • Disposal of residue fuels, oil and water waste
  • Pipeline chasing and capping
  • Explosive atmosphere testing
  • Environmental validation
  • In-situ abandonment
  • Reporting to environmental management register

Find out how we can assist in the removal of your fuel system

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