Fuel Testing

Fuel Quality Assurance

At OPEC, we take pride in delivering an all-encompassing suite of fuel testing services meticulously designed to guarantee that your fuel remains in optimal condition.

Partner with OPEC for a comprehensive fuel testing service, safeguarding your operations and driving your success.

Fuel Testing the OPEC Way

Schedule 1

A Schedule 1 Fuel Test delivers a broad understanding of the condition of your fuel and generates a basic fuel condition report.

Our team employs a screening test to identify fuel issues. This test helps ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS3570. It also assesses whether water and/or sediment accumulation is impacting performance or causing component damage.

Schedule 2

A Schedule 2 Fuel Test provides a relatively detailed fuel condition report, to give you a clear understanding of your fuel condition and its suitability for use.

Beyond the offerings of a Schedule 1 Test, this test delivers microscopic sediment identification for potential sources of contamination. It also measures bacterial/fungal growth that can clog filters and hinder performance.

Schedule 3 

A Schedule 3 Fuel Test is the most comprehensive fuel condition report available, delivering a complete analysis of your fuel and its suitability for use.

This test clarifies if your fuel needs treatment or disposal, while pinpointing reasons for subpar performance. It detects whether your fuel quality is compromised by contaminants like kerosene, petrol, wax, oil, or others. Moreover, it serves as a quality check for AS3570 conformance in fuel sale.

Does your fuel need testing?

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