What We Do


OPEC Energy is an established Australian company with a rich history in the industry. We deliver holistic bulk fuel system solutions, ensuring your system’s reliability from the moment fuel is delivered to its ultimate usage point.

Man in hi-vis testing an underground bulk fuel system

Assessment and Testing

OPEC’s assessment and testing solutions ensure your fuel system and processes adhere to all relevant standards and pinpoint potential risks and areas of weakness.

fuel system design and installation, industrial fueling station

Design and installation

We are an experienced provider of design and installation services for fuel storage and transfer infrastructure in a wide range of Australian market sectors.

Fuel technician in hi-vis on a ladder undertaking fuel system repairs and maintenance

maintenance and operations

OPEC Energy maintains the integrity of your fuel system, conducting preventative and reactive repairs and maintenance, and providing fuel facility operations.

Fuel system removal involving a crane lifting the tank out of the ground on a construction site with diggers in the background

Removal and Remediation

Our expert technicians provide decommissioning and remediation of fuel systems in accordance with relevant guidelines, standards and regulations.

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